Concept Store MA:LA

Our store on the ground floor of Shopping Centre “Kurzeme” was opened in the summer of 2019. Since we opened the store, we have worked hard to offer ever new, interesting and high-quality product groups to our customers.

Konceptveikals MA:LA

Our assortment

When the store was opened in 2019, we offered self-made jewellery items and accessories. After studying the wishes of our customers, we have supplemented our range with various well-known brands, such as Aromatic 89 home fragrances from Lithuania, Silmachy Remedies body care products, wines produced by Tērvete and Tēviņi wineries, Varakļāni spirits, NelleUlla and Al Mari Anni sweets, Birzmaļi honey and others.

Auskaru siena un brošu durvis

Interior items

In addition to valuable products of the local manufacturers, we have also added various interior items to our range – we offer a wide range of electric humidifiers to improve the climate and aroma of the home, various photo frames, vases, candlesticks from ceramics and natural stone, incense sticks from India, and many more items.

Galds ar preci